Mon. Sep 25th, 2023

About Us

ANTHAI was founded in 1983 with the aim of building and spreading a culture of respect for the “diversity” of disability and the overcoming of all cultural, physical, psychological, and sensorial barriers. At the base of his actions, there is the conviction that cultural barriers are the origin of disease, architectural barriers are the cause. All cultural barriers are the brakes that limit the development of the person. Today the theme of cohabitation has become a global problem. In this perspective, it is a matter of being able to combine an individual conscience – centered on the “I,” as a person – to a collective conscience, focused on the “we.” The recognition of diversity as a difference, must not be an element of fear but must be a stimulus to adequate insertion, to give one’s contribution to a sharing contribution and a sense of …..


Since its inception ANTHAI operates throughout the national territory by promoting projects, prevention campaigns and culture on disability issues; collaborating in the promotion of research, scientific and technological progress, providing an information and advisory service on the rights of people with disabilities. It carries out its activity according to the requirement of democracy as it is organized according to democratic criteria, in order to operate with the broadest direct participation of the associates and in order to guarantee the presence of minorities, finalizing its activity to communication and information on the accessibility of disadvantaged individuals, stimulating communication channels, spreading a culture without barriers through correct details, responding to a better awareness and stimulating a new civic education, with the aim of achieving the needs of autonomy and independence of those bands traditionally considered homogeneous in their “weakness”, with the aim of realizing the aforementioned needs, beyond any “handicap”.


The primary objective is to inform citizenship through the implementation of the pre-established goals: prevention, scientific and technological progress, research and experimentation, social needs and protection, reintegration, professional training, assistance and advice and anything else useful and / or necessary to people with disabilities, invalids, their families and anyone sensitive to social problems.


To recognize that “diversity” belongs to “everyone” is a precious resource that enriches society. ANTHAI has always made a great effort to organize cultural events and initiatives on issues related to the handicap to focus public attention on the needs and needs of the disabled person. In particular, it works to make disabled people active, improve their living conditions, encourage and encourage their insertion into societies and into the world of work with the aim of spreading a culture of respect towards the “diversity” of the handicap and to overcome all the barriers that hinder, 2.6 million Italian disabled people, with the hope of a better life, in achieving rights and social justice without discrimination.

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