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Nick Vujicic The World Motivator Born Without Hands and Feet

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Who is not familiar with Nick Vujicic?

The man who is known as a book writer and motivator of the world is one of the figures who can inspire millions of young people around the world through his powerful words that can arouse the spirit of life and to be more grateful for the life that has been bestowed by the Creator.

Nicholas James Vujicic was born 4 December 1982 in Brisbane, Australia. Born without hands and feet does not make Nick then give up on life. With different conditions, Nick had experienced depression. When he was eight years old, Nick had tried to commit suicide by drowning himself. But he realized that life must be grateful no matter what the circumstances. From here Nick tried to get up, he began to learn many things such as writing using his toes, using a computer with his heels and small fingers, swimming, and doing everything like people who have normal conditions.

Nick realized that his shortcomings did not have to be regretted and even limited his activities. He also tried to do the best in his life. At the age of seventeen, he began to form an organization until finally in 2005, Nick was nominated in the “Young Australia of the Year” Award.

Nick also completed his education at a university with two majors at once, namely financial planning and accounting. Nick began his career as a motivator. His inspirational life story considered capable of providing spirit and motivating for everyone — currently Nick Vujicic, known as a world motivator which often motivates various countries. One of the books he wrote entitled “Life Without Limits: Without Arms and Legs, I Can Conquer the World” succeeded in inspiring thousands of people in the world.

Not only is his life story so inspiring, but Nick Vujicic’s love journey is also able to make anyone feel the extraordinary extraordinariness. Like men in general, Nick Vujicic also longed for a life partner. In 2008 while speaking at an event, Nick met with one of his friends named Tammy with her husband and other friends, namely Yoshie and Kanae Miyahara. That’s where the beginning of the meeting Kanae Miyahara and Nick. At the beginning of his meeting with Kanae, Nick wanted to establish communication so that he got to know Kanae better.

For this reason, Nick intends to provide his email address so they can stay in touch. But a surprising answer was obtained from Kanae, that he would get his email address from his friend Tammy. Nick remembered the message of his father that a real man would not beg.

When Kanae met Nick, he was impressed by his radiant generosity and excellent sense of humor. For him, Nick is so handsome and a perfect partner. The beauty of the heart far exceeds the physical beauty, beautiful girls of Mexican-Japanese descent like Kanae Miyahara even fell in love with the imperfect Nick.

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